Previously Recorded Zoom Lectures

Many of our speakers have allowed their lectures to be recorded. We try to upload them on our website as soon as possible. Feel free to browse the previously recorded lectures on this page, or check out our playlist on Youtube!

On January 30, 2021, the national ACS chapter hosted its first virtual conference. In case you missed it, each speaker has their own presentation uploaded on youtube. Click on the button below to access those previously recorded lectures!

April 10, 2024:

Dr. Francine Kershaw

"A New Challenge: Protecting Marine Mammals While Advancing Offshore Wind Development" 
March 13, 2024:

Dr. Regina Asmutis-Silvia 

"Atlantic Right Whales"
January 2024:

Ric Matthews

"A brief history of ACS-San Diego and Marine Mammals I have encountered. A sharing of photos of Cetacea, Pinnipedia, Mustelidae, Ursidae."
September 2023:

Dr. Ann E. Bowles

"A personal perspective on 60 years of HSWRI's Return to the Sea"
July 2023:

Jessica Crance

"Right on the brink: Can North Pacific right whales be saved?"
June 2023:

Dr. Danielle Hauslee

"Using Tags and Tech to Support Conservation and Management in a Dynamic Ocean"
April 2023:

Kristen Donald

"Marine Mammal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Research"

February 2023:

Dr. David Weller

"Getting to Know Gray Whales: My Lifetime of Research"

Jan 2023:

Troy Sear

"So what's the coolest thing you've ever seen? Confessions of a whale watching captain with over 7,000 days on the water"
Dec 2022:

Domenic Biagini

"End of the Year 2022 Wrap Up of Cetaceans and Other Things Seen!"
Oct 2022:

Delanie Medina

"Clean Water and the Impacts Our Actions On Land Have To the Vital and Sensitive Ecosystems Along Our San Diego Coastline"

Sept 2022:

Eileen Maher

"San Diego Port Authority Reef Project"

May 2022:

Michael Moore

"We Are All Whalers: The Plight of Whales and Our Responsibility"

March 2022:

David McGuire

"California’s Coolest Sharks and Why We Should Care"
February 2022:

Sabena Saddiqui

"Beyond Song: Exploring humpback whale calls on the Hawaiian breeding grounds"

January 2022:

Dr. Steve Swartz

"Update on the Eastern Pacific Gray Whale"
November 2021:

Jodi Frediani

"Lions & Leopards & Whales, Oh My! Photographing Marine Life Around the Globe"
October 2021:

Geraldine Busquets-Vass

"Feeding ecology, migratory patterns, and psychology of blue whales in the northeast Pacific inferred using biomarkers in their tissues"

September 2021:

Uko Gorter

"Dawn of Cetology: The Scientific Pursuit of Whales, from the Antiquities to the Twentieth Century"

July 2021:

George Liddle

"There and Back Again - In Three Days: How to Self-Guide a Trip to the Gray Whale Calving Lagoons in Baja California"

June 2021:

Trevor Branch

Antarctic Blue Whales
May 2021:

Nancy Black

"Behavior and Ecology of Killer Whales off California over 30 years"
March 2021:
Ricky Rebolledo

"Scientific Snapshot- A Second Chance for Mexico's Marine Wildlife"

February 2021:

Dr. Deneb Karentz

"Importance of Antarctic Science and Policy"

December 2020:

Monika Wieland Shields

"Endangered Orcas"

November 2020:

Nicholas Mallos

"No Time to Waste: Ocean Plastic from Source to Solution"

October 2020:

Dr. Lori Marino

"Whale and Dolphin Intelligence: What Do (Can) Humans Know About Whale and Dolphin Minds?"

August 2020:

Stephanie A. Norman

"Zoonotic Diseases of Marine Organisms"

July 2020:

Michael Latz

"Bioluminescence- Red Tide 2020"