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February 21, 2024 7pm via Zoom AND in person on the Legacy

Dr. Thomas Jefferson

About the Speaker

I have been studying marine mammals for 40 years, since 1983, and have a Ph.D. degree from Texas A&M University.  With co-authors, Marc Webber and Robert Pitman, I published a marine mammal identification guide in 2008: Marine Mammals of the World: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Identification (Academic Press). The second edition was published in 2015. I have done work on a variety of marine mammals, both in Southern California and elsewhere.  I often work as a naturalist on marine mammals trips in the eastern North Pacific.  

About the Presentation

"What Happened to Our 'Blackfish'?: The Disappearnce of Pilot Whales from Southern California"

March 13, 2023 7pm via Zoom AND in person on the Legacy

Regina Asmutis-Silvia

About the Speaker

Regina Asmutis-Silvia is the executive director and senior biologist for Whale and Dolphin Conservation's North American office, located in Plymouth, MA. She has been active in whale research, conservation and education since 1990 with a focus on the recovery of critically endangered North Atlantic right whales.  She currently sits on the federally appointed Atlantic Large Whale, Harbor Porpoise, Bottlenose dolphin and Atlantic Pelagic Longline Take Reduction Teams. Her work has focused on the recovery of critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. She is a Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Defense 

About the Presentation

Atlantic Right Whales 

April 10, 2024 7pm via Zoom AND in person on the Legacy

Dr. Francine Kershaw

About the Speaker

Dr. Francine Kershaw is a Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, where she uses the best available scientific information to advocate for improved protections for marine mammals related to a variety of issues, including ocean noise, ship strikes, and bycatch. She currently leads NRDC's work to end large whale entanglements and dedicates a large part of her portfolio to advancing responsible offshore wind development. Still a whale population geneticist at heart, Kershaw also advocates for improved uptake of genetic information into conservation policy decisions. Kershaw holds a bachelor's degree in zoology from the University of Leeds, a master's degree in biodiversity, conservation, and management from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology from Columbia University. She is currently based in Charleston, South Carolina.

About the Presentation

A New challenge: Protecting Marine Mammals While Advancing Offshore Wind Development

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Information About Attending In Person Aboard the Legacy

Before the presentation, join us for Happy Hour aboard the Legacy at 6:30 PM. You can enjoy snacks for $3, as well as a selection of beer, wine, and canned cocktails priced between $5 and $9.

Location wise, we'll be at the Legacy Whale Watch (sdwhale.com) 1717 Quivira Rd, San Diego, CA 92109, behind the Seaforth Sportsfishing building. Be sure to arrive early because we have someone waiting at the dock gate to let you through.

Parking will be available at 1717 Quivira Rd. (Seaforth Sportsfishing parking lot) or out on 'Quivira Rd where designated. Pleasenote that the neighboring businesses on either side of the Legacy parking lot are towing aggressively, so don't park in Seaforth Boat Rentals, Seaforth Marina, Marina Village parking lots, or risk being towed. Parts of their parking lot are marked for permit parking, so be sure to look for those posts.

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