Other upcoming events:


The November 8th meeting also includes our annual fundraiser consisting of raffle prizes and silent auctions.  The proceeds will go towards supporting our community outreach programs, scholarships and grants to students and a special funding toward the the current Vaquita efforts.  There are many wonderful items to win including rib whale watching rides, art, jewelry, batting cages and symphony tickets to name a few.  Please join us for an educational and fun evening…and a great way to start your holiday shopping with some unique gifts. 

To accommodate the fundraiser the doors will open at 6:15 pm giving you time to purchase your raffle tickets and select which of the prizes you would like to put your raffle tickets towards. The presentation will begin at 6:45 and the raffle drawing and silent auction will be completed after the lecture at 7:45. 


For those interested in learning more about drones, AliMoSphere will putting on a seminar on November 14th beginning at 6:00 pm at Sumner Auditorium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The cost is $24.99 however, there is an Earlybird discount of $10 until October 31.  The coupon code is Earlybird10.

AliMoSphere’s mission is to educate UAS pilots about flying in marine habitats while encouraging all pilots to follow regulatory guidance to reduce disturbance to marine wildlife. It is illegal to disturb or harass marine wildlife. Along the coast or on a boat, anyone may decide to fly a drone and may not be aware of the disturbance it is causing to local wildlife.  In 90-minutes we discuss the impacts to wildlife, known avoidance behavior, and best practices for flying UAS in marine habitats.

They will provide tips on becoming a licensed drone pilot and where to find current information and restrictions for flying UAS.  

This seminar is for everyone from the licensed drone pilot that owns a drone business, to the person who is curious about drones but has never flown one.  

AliMoSphere created the first UAS Marine Wildlife Task Force to work with state and federal agencies, NGOs, and commercial industry to create best practices for flying drones in marine habitats. As technology innovation quickly changes and policies are created, we want to assist pilots in finding regulatory information, encourage safe and responsible flights, provide stewardship training, and ultimately reduce human and drone impacts to wildlife. 

For further information please go to the following link: http://www.alimosphere.com/store/p16/Whales_%3A_Drones_%3A_Stewardship__November_14_-_San_Diego%2C_California_%40_6pm.html



The ACS San Diego Chapter is excited to announce that in December there will be a private tour of the new Navy Marine Mammal Training and Research Facility (NMMTRF). Due to the limited space, the tour will be open to members only.  Date and time will be announced shortly.